Dance Moves Attract Women

Dance Moves Attract Women

Science marches on. CBS news reports "a new study by British scientists finds that women tend to be more attracted, or in some cases turned off, by the way a man can dance." See the video.

This was a scientific study, the world is told, and was not done just to provide employment to idle minds. The idea was to find which male dance moves appeal to the female. Why? To discover the best mating dance? Why?

So the best dancers can mate? And the human species will weed out the wall flowers? So that men can know what to do on the dance floor? So? Well, why not? This is science? Scientists must know everything, correct?

? To prevent bias, such as having a dude who looks like Brad Pitt competing with one who looks like Larry King, and thus make the study just useless, the dance moves of each human participant, in the study, were mapped to a featureless avatar, and the avatars were then shown to thirty heterosexual women.

And the results are "it’s all in the neck."