Lindsay Lohan has a wicked fight with mom Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has a wicked fight with mom Dina Lohan

Audio captures some seriously ugly moments.

So much for Lindsay Lohan heading to New York City and staying out of the tabloids! A new audiotape has surfaced that captures Lindsay and her mom, Dina Lohan, in a major fight. The mother and daughter can be heard squabbling about money, and at one point, Lindsay even claims that Dina is under the influence of cocaine.

Yikes! Lindsay and Dina Lohan are no strangers to bad press, but this definitely ranks way up there as far as scandals go for both of them. Things start out bad and go downhill from there.According to reports, the recorded fight between Lindsay and Dina Lohan happened as the two left a New York City nightclub together. They'd both been partying (shocking!) and were heading to Dina's house in Long Island around 4 a.m.. when they started arguing.

On the tape, posted by TMZ, Lindsay Lohan can be heard screaming at her mother and then calling her dad, Michael Lohan, for help, claiming that Dina was "saying disgusting things" to her and that she was "dead to her now." Lindsay tells her father that the two are fighting over a $40 thousand loan she gave to Dina to "save her home from foreclosure." In short, daughter wanted mom to give the money back!

It gets worse: Lindsay can also clearly be heard telling Michael Lohan that Dina was "on cocaine" and that she has a "gash" on her leg from the fight. Additional reports suggest that when the limo carrying the Crazy Lohan Women did finally arrive at Dina's house, police were already there waiting. No charges were filed.

Lindsay Lohan's entire family is completely nuts. If I had any doubts before, I definitely don't now. No wonder Lindsay's such a train wreck: Listening to the fight with her mom, it's clear that Dina Lohan is a hot mess as well. And don't even get me started on Michael Lohan -- he's as much of a problem as his ex-wife. It seems like Lindsay Lohan really does need to get as far away from her screwed up family as possible, if she ever wants to lead a normal life!