What happens when a celebrity slams their own show?

What happens when a celebrity slams their own show?

'Two and a Half Men' star Angus T. Jones has an epic meltdown.

I've always wondered what kind of contracts celebrities sign when they start on a new TV show and/or movie. What if that show or movie is just terrible? My suspicion is they've got clauses in their contracts forbidding them from slamming the production, no matter how awful it is.

Either way, it's extremely rare to see a major Hollywood celeb come forth and declare that their own TV show is utter junk, but that's precisely what Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones did earlier this week.

In a shocking YouTube video interview with the online religious group Forerunner Chronicles, Angus T. Jones, aka the "half" part of Two and a Half Men, calls his own show "filth" and flat out tells people not to watch it. Wait, what? Yes, he does. The show that made Angus T. Jones a star (and a very wealthy one at that), is being dissed? After nearly a decade on Men, you would think he'd be more grateful for his success.

The whole situation is extremely bizarre. And no, it's not nearly as strange as Two and a Half Men ex-star Charlie Sheen's meltdown, but it's definitely a head shaker. The guy seems like a religious zealot. I could be wrong. Watch the video clips and you tell me what you think, okay?


Now here's the thing: I respect Angus T. Jones' religious views, whatever they may be. I don't have a problem with whatever he chooses to believe personally. However, I do have a problem when he's still ON the very television show he's just called "filth." If he's that against it, he needs to quit. Maybe he's locked into a contract, and this is his way of quitting (otherwise known as Possibly Being Fired by CBS)?