Who is the new 'Bachelor?' ABC makes the official announcement.

Who is the new 'Bachelor?' ABC makes the official announcement.

He's a familiar face to fans!

After weeks of speculation, we now know who will be the next star of ABC's The Bachelor, and he's a name that should be really familiar to those of us who follow The Bachelorette. It's Sean Lowe! Wait, who? Oh come on, you remember sweet Sean, the adorable, soft-spoken Texan that Emily Maynard kicked to the curb during the most recent Bachelorette season, right? The blonde with the gorgeous chest?

That's right: Sean Lowe the Hottie is next up to become the center of attention as the country's most eligible man!I really liked Sean Lowe when he was on The Bachelorette, even though I knew Emily wouldn't pick him. Quite frankly, he was just too nice. Emily was obviously head over heels for Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, locking lips with both as frequently as possible. Still, I rooted for good ol' sweet Sean for weeks.

When Emily finally told Sean goodbye, the thought crossed my mind that he'd be an excellent choice for The Bachelor. I didn't have the same reaction when Ari got the boot during The Bachelorette finale. Arie seemed too cocky.

The thing about The Bachelor (for me) is this: No matter how awesome the guy seems at first, I wind up hating him as the season progresses. And, since I already had some reservations about cocky Arie, I knew it would only get worse if he got picked. With Sean, there's a fighting chance I might not hate him for half of the season.

See the logic here? Fans of these shows probably understand exactly what I mean. Non-fans, well, you think I'm writing gibberish. Just know that in this Bachelor fan's opinion, Sean Lowe is a great choice! He's down to earth and he deserves to find a special someone after the heartbreak he went through on The Bachelorette.