One Direction movie is happening

One Direction movie is happening

Are you ready for 1D in 3D?

If ever there was a pop culture sensation begging for a movie, it's that darn One Direction band! The 1D craze continues, as these five young guys from the UK take the world by storm. Fans of the band, who call themselves Directioners, collectively, are no doubt in a total frenzy right now. Why?

Because as of today, the word is out: Sony Pictures is bringing One Direction to the big screen, in the form of a special "behind-the-scenes" 3D movie. All together now: "Squeeeeeee!"

One Direction's newest album is expected to hit stores early next week, and the British pop band's popularity shows no sign of wavering. Is it any wonder that Hollywood wants to cash in? Keep in mind, several recent big budget films about pop stars have done very, very well in theaters (Justin Bieber and Katy Perry's movies come to mind immediately).

Here's the scoop on the new One Direction movie, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter: Famed documentary director Morgan Spurlock is going to direct the movie, which should be out at the end of August 2013. And yes, Simon Cowell is listed as a producer on the project. That's not surprising, given that Cowell literally discovered One Direction a few years ago on The X Factor.

So, what can One Direction fans expect from the movie? According to reports, the film is going to be a mix of live concert footage and some documentary-style footage. It's likely that you'll get tons of interviews and new clips of all the 1D guys.

Parents, are you ready to throttle me yet? Just consider yourself warned: If you've got a crazy Directioner in the house, get ready to shell out big money for the One Direction 3D film next summer!